The Emmaus Way

I want to Finish my GED Regain custody of my children Get into safe and affordable housing Deal with my substance abuse

But, I don't know where to start...


The Emmaus Way is a friendship group that surrounds people who are struggling through difficult situations and gives them support.

The program provides teams of support for individuals/ families living in unstable life circumstances. It also provides resources, guidance and oversight for the teams as they work towards certain goals.

The program is for person(s) Living in unstable circumstances and/or lacking a natural support network.


  • Dignity: Each team member is to regard the other with dignity and respect- not treating anyone as an object.
  • Sharing: Everyone is to bear the load together. No one must take on an excessive share of the work.
  • Fidelity: The members of the fellowship must demonstrate a high degree of faithfulness to the team and its goals, following through with everything they have committed themselves to do.
" The Emmaus Way gives you the opportunity to build lasting relationships unlike any other volunteer opportunity I've encountered. As challenges arise, the team dynamic allows you to give your best without burning out. Our team has disbanded, but it's been a real privilege to continue in friendship with our core member and other team members."
Anna Steeves